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  • Click for 7 Day Forecast Warm and dry conditions will dominate the weather through the weekend.

    Friday will be dry, with temperatures a bit warmer than they were Thursday. Expect highs mainly in the upper 80s to low 90s with very dry conditions and plenty of sunshine.

    Areas West of Billings should expect gusty winds Friday, with the dry cold front pushing across the Eastern plains early Saturday. That will cause the winds to blow from Billings to the East Saturday morning.

    A few isolated thunderstorms are possible in Southeast Montana by Saturday evening and Saturday night. With low humidity, periods of gusty winds, and very warm temperatures fire risk could be increased in that region.

    A cold front Saturday will push temperatures down into the mid-80s on Sunday and Monday. That is close to seasonal averages.

    Billings forecast:

    Friday… Sunny and hot, with a high near 91. A light southerly breeze.

    Saturday night… Mostly clear, with a low at about 59.

    And Saturday… Sunny and hot, and very warm, with a high around 88.

  • Click for 7 Day ForecastThe potential for wildfires increases Thursday with hot temperatures, low humidity, and periods of gusty wind.

    A weak weather system will move from West to East across the area Thursday afternoon through early this evening. Temperatures will warm well into the 80s to around 90° out ahead of the system.

    The relative humidity could drop into the teens with the warm temperatures and little moisture to work with.

    Winds will increase to about 10 to 20 mph ahead of the front, with gusts of 30 to 35 mph behind the front.

    A Fire Weather Warning is in effect for most of Eastern Montana, especially from Billings towards the East, through the evening hours on Thursday.

    Friday looks like the warmest day the week for many locations, including Billings. Highs in the upper 80s to low 90 should be pretty widespread with lots of sun.

    Billings forecast:

    Thursday… Mostly sunny, with a high near 88. A westerly wind of 10 to 20 mph turns more northerly during the afternoon and evening, with gusts to around 30 mph.

    Thursday night… Mostly clear to clear, with a low of about 57.

    Friday… Sunny and very warm, with a high of about 92. A light breeze.

  • Click for 7 Day Forecast Very warm, dry, and windy at times. Sounds like conditions just right for wildfires.

    Expect warmer and drier conditions today, with little in the way of cloud cover. High temperatures will be in the 70s for the higher elevations but mainly the 80s across the lower elevations both Wednesday and Thursday.

    A weak cold front will push through the area early Thursday and that will bring the winds up a little bit during the afternoon and evening hours. Gusts to 30-35 mph are possible, and with humidity Thursday afternoon likely only in the teens, a Fire Weather Watch is in effect for Thursday afternoon and evening.

    Friday could be the warmest day the week for Billings, as we could take a run at around 90° for an afternoon high with temperatures backing off only slightly on Saturday.

    Billings Forecast:

    Wednesday…A high near 87 with sunshine and a light SW breeze.

    Wednesday night…Partly cloudy, with a low around 59. The breeze is light.

    Thursday…Sunny to mostly sunny, and about 87 once again.

  • Click for 7 Day Forecast Drier and warmer conditions will move in over the course of the next few days. Before that, a few isolated showers and thunderstorms remain for Tuesday.

    Tuesday will be a little warmer than Monday, with skies clearing from West to East.  A chance of a shower and isolated thunderstorm is most likely over the mountains and adjacent foothills, and along the Eastern edge of Montana.

    Conditions will continue to dry out and warm-up on Wednesday and Thursday. High temperatures will make it to the mid to upper 80s both days, with a relative humidity falling down to the teens and 20s in the afternoon.

    A disturbance Thursday afternoon could bring some gusty winds, but the chance of rain remains fairly low through at least Saturday.

    Billings forecast:

    Tuesday… Mostly sunny with a high near 80. A light breeze.

    Tuesday night… Mostly clear, with a low of about 56. Northeast breeze.

    Wednesday… Sunny, with a high around 86.

  • Click for7 Day Forecast The week starts much cooler than average. And we have our best chance of showers and thunderstorms Monday.

    A low-pressure area will move across the region Monday, bringing clouds and scattered showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures will run below average, with highs in the 70s.

    The higher elevations, and areas of Southeast Montana have the best potential for showers and thunderstorms Monday. Extreme Southeast Montana extending into northern Wyoming has some potential for hail and strong winds.

    Temperatures will warm a little with more afternoon sunshine Tuesday, but temperatures will remain below seasonal averages. Highs will be in the upper 70s to a few low 80s.

    The overall trend will be slightly warmer each day through the end of the work week, with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s by the weekend. Overnight lows will be mainly in the 50s for the lower elevations.

    Billings forecast:

    Monday… Cloudy to mostly cloudy, with scattered area showers and isolated thunderstorms. Around 73 for a high.

    Monday night… Mostly cloudy with isolated showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Dropping to about 57 for the low.

    Tuesday… Near 79 for a high, with isolated storms. Party to mostly sunny.

  • Click for 7 Day Forecast Showers and thunderstorms will pop up the next couple of afternoons, with a few strong storms possible. Otherwise, expect consistent temperatures through the weekend.

    Afternoon and evening thunderstorms will develop Friday and Saturday, with the best chances in southeastern Montana and northeastern Wyoming. There will be a few storms in the mountains and adjacent foothills as well.

    Gusty winds and hail are possible with the stronger storms South and East of Billings.

    Temperatures will be slightly below normal for this time of the year Friday and Saturday with the highs in the mid-80s in the overnight temperatures mainly in the 50s. By Sunday, highs could be closer to 90° as high pressure moves in the area.

    In the extended Outlook, clouds will increase with a chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms on Monday.

    Billings forecast:

    Friday… Mostly sunny with isolated area showers. Expect the high temperature near 86 with a light wind.

    Friday night… Partly cloudy with isolated evening showers and thunderstorms. A low of about 58.

    Saturday… Sunny with a high near 84. A light breeze.

  • Click here for 7 Day Forecast Isolated storms will dot the map during the afternoons and evenings. Otherwise, expect consistent temperatures.

    Temperatures will be near or a little cooler than Mid-August averages over the next week, with area highs through Saturday mainly in the mid to lower 80s. Based on the 30 year average, Billings would normally be in the upper 80s this time of the year.

    The overall weather pattern is fairly quiet, but disturbances moving across the region will bring about a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms each afternoon and evening.

    The most active weather will be into the mountains and adjacent foothills. These looked to be general thunderstorms, with very little chance of strong to severe weather.

    Overnight temperatures will be mainly in the 50s warming to the low 60s by early next week.

    Billings forecast:

    Thursday… Sunny to mostly sunny with a high near 84. A light breeze.

    Thursday night… Partly cloudy with a low of about 56.

    Friday… Mostly sunny with a high around 85. A slight chance of afternoon and evening showers or a thunderstorm.

  • Click for 7 Day Forecast Cooler than average temperatures continue. Isolated showers and thunderstorms pop up from time to time.

    Wednesday will be cooler than Tuesday, with slightly higher humidity and most places. Expect a mix of sunshine, a few clouds, and highs mainly in the upper 70s to low 80s.

    A northerly wind could be a little gusty at times, especially in areas East of Billings.

    The chance of showers and thunderstorms seem mainly confined to the mountains and foothills for the next two days. An isolated storm could roll off the mountains into the plains.

    Temperatures will be a little warmer on Thursday, and the humidity slightly lower. High temperatures in the mid to lower 80s will continue through the weekend.

    Billings forecast:

    Wednesday… Mostly sunny, with a high near 81. A northerly wind of 5 to 10 mph.

    Wednesday night… Mostly clear, with a low around 53. A North breeze.

    Thursday… Sunshine, with a high of about 84. A light and variable breeze of 5 to 10 mph.

  • Click Here for 7 Day Forecast A weak cold front will influence today’s weather. But, the overall pattern remains fairly consistent this week.

    Temperatures will warm into the mid to upper 80s ahead of a cold front Tuesday. Winds will shift to the North, and clouds will increase through the early afternoon along in behind the front. Expect a few gusts during the late afternoon and early evening.

    There is a chance of showers and thunderstorms mainly confined to area mountains and adjacent foothills.

    Temperatures will be in the upper 40s upper 50s early Wednesday morning and generally partly cloudy overnight.

    Wednesday will run about 5 to 10° cooler than Tuesday, with the highs in the upper 70s to around 80°. Once again, there be a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms over the higher terrain.

    Overall however, temperatures will remain mainly in the mid to lower 80s for the highs in the 50s for the lows. A few isolated opportunities for rain with an otherwise dry forecast this week.

    Billings forecast:

    Tuesday… Mostly sunny early with increasing afternoon clouds. A high near 87. A 20% chance of a shower or thunderstorm as a cold front moves through.

    Tuesday night… Partly cloudy with a low around 57.

    Wednesday… Mostly sunny with a high near 80.

  • Click here for 7 Day Forecast Temperatures will trend a little warmer Monday than they were over the weekend. Despite that, readings will still stay below seasonal averages.

    Warm and dry conditions are in store for today, with the highs mainly in the mid to lower 80s. Expect plenty of sunshine, with relative humidity numbers dropping into the teens and 20s by the afternoon.

    Winds will generally be light.

    Tuesday will start off mainly in the 50s, and warm-up to the mid-80s ahead of a cold front. A few showers and thunderstorms will begin popping up from Billings to the West along in behind the front during the afternoon and evening.

    Through Friday, temperatures will stay mainly in the mid to lower 80s for the highs and 50s for the lows.

    Billings forecast:

    Monday… Sunny and a light breeze. A high near 82.

    Monday night… Clear to mostly clear, with a low of about 55.

    Tuesday… Mostly sunny, with isolated area showers or thunderstorms during the afternoon and early evening. Around 84 for the high temperature.