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Tony and Kris In The Morning

Tony Randall & Kris Rochester have been in the radio business since they were teens. Both began in 1986, Tony at 18, Kris at 16. The guys worked at several different small stations in the Gadsden-Anniston area of Alabama before meeting in 1991.


Scotty was born in Circle, Montana. He graduated in 1990 and started into the radio industry with his first debut on Cat Country in 1991. Scotty enjoys long walks on the beach, relaxing under the shade with a cold beverage and light reading, not to mention jamming out to his favorite country music which is always better in Big Sky Country.

Make sure you call 94-1 KSKY and let us know how we're doing at 656-94-10.

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Jack, and his wife have been in Billings for 10 years now, having moved up to the Big Sky from the New Orleans area. Jack's been working in Radio all over the country for the past 20 years and is now in Big Sky Country on K-SKY. Jack is a BIG fan of NASCAR (go Hendrick or go home). Jack and his wife are also licensed Foster Parents and they have welcomed 2 new additions to their family. As we understand it, Jack has held many jobs before he got into Radio. He did 2 movies, worked in the cast and crew of several plays, has sold Insurance and served as a bodyguard for Muhammad Ali - seriously! We thought he was kidding about it too - but he swears it is the truth.

You can catch Jack every Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 here on K-SKY. You might also bump into him in the toy aisle at Wal-Mart, around the ballpark at a Mustangs game or at just about any Country concert that comes nearby.

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