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Big Sky Honor Flight
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Do you recall as kid, listening to your Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt or Uncle tell stories of their days serving America in World War II? Your little ears hanging on each word, your eyes getting bigger and bigger as the story climaxed. For many of us, these are cherished memories of our elder. Perhaps those stories even motivated you to serve this great country. If that's the case, Thank You, for your service. But today is not about us. Today is about the Greatest Generation to ever live and how we can thank them for keeping America free. Their service during World War II was truly one of greatest sacrifices America has ever seen.

Connoisseur Media honors our World War II Vets and with your help, we can send another and another and another plane filled with these true American Hero's to Washington D.C. to see THEIR Memorial at no cost to them. After all, haven't they paid enough?

Chances are good that you know someone close to you who served their country courageously in World War II. Sadly these great Americans pass away each day, so time is of the essence.

Donate a dollar, donate $10,000, donate $100,000. Donate collectively as an office, as a business or as an individual. The point is to raise awareness and to give what you can. Every little bit helps get the next plane taxiing down the runway and in the air, on its way to Washington D.C.

Below you will find a link to make a secure donation.

On behalf of World War II Vets across Montana, we thank you!